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30 Field Sqn Royal Engineers. Osnabruck/Hameln 1960-1979

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Dirty 30 were posted to Aden in October 1966 to build a spur from the Dhala road in the Radfan mountains to the Wadi Taym. This site is dedicated to all members of Dirty 30 who served during the 60's and 70's especially those who served during the Aden tour.


I am setting up the website again. Even though the Dizzies didn't get us I was beaten by HTML. I was a Sapper in Plant Troop joined 30 in January 1966, left for a trade course in July 67 and was posted to 62 NE Support Squadron RE Cyprus afterwards.


If you were Ex 30 around this time and have just found this site please sign the Guest Book



Frank Woodcock would like to arrange a reunion in Ramsau Bavaria.

Please visit Reunion 2016 from the side menu for details.

We need as many as possible from the photo opposite.

Frank is offering prizes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can anybody supply the names of the Sappers on the photos. Crate of beer or six bottles of wine to the person who can name the last unknown.

A crate of beer for the member who brings the biggest party to Ramsau.

A prize for the member who travels the furthest (I'm thinking of going the long way round)

A prize for the 50th member to register.


Stop press from Ramsau

Ramsau is getting exicited by 30's Visit see Frank's message

14 Indonesian students rescued from The Watzmann.

Ramsau mountain rescue and helicopters from Munich were called out

New information about when and costs, check it out